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Having a functioning HVAC system is essential for both residences and businesses. In homes, a comfortable environment can greatly improve your quality of life. For businesses, if the environment is unpleasant, it can drive customers away and can decrease your employee’s productivity. When your HVAC system is in need of repair, then Bergey’s HVAC is the call to make. Here’s a little about us and some of the services that we provide to Harleysville, PA.

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In addition to our heating, cooling, and home comfort solutions, we have been the “go to resource” for electrical service, repair and installation for decades through our electrical division Bergey’s Electric http://www.bergeyselectric.com/. Our fully licensed and insured electricians provide residential, industrial and commercial solutions to our clients.

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Who We Are

For close to a century, Bergey’s HVAC has been providing high-quality heating and cooling services to customers all over Pennsylvania. It all began with Willard Bergey performing odd jobs for friends and neighbors. As more and more people looked to him for help, he formed a business devoted to helping neighbors with electrical and heating needs.

Now three generations later, Bergey’s HVAC helps hundreds of people with their heating and cooling needs in Harleysville and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the solutions that you can expect from our company.

What started as helping neighbors with heating repairs has grown into a commitment to protecting the comfort of our customers’ homes throughout Hatfield, Harleysville, Perkasie, and beyond. At Bergey’s HVAC, we are committed to our heating and cooling maintenance programs. The program includes annual cleaning to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly, and inspection lists to find and replace any components that might fail. Routine maintenance to your heating and cooling system keeps it running efficiently and helps to extend its life.